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Cd Of The Roses

1. In The Town
2. Varsity Music Feat. Idris
3. Double Up
4. 3000 Degrees Feat. Yung Will
5. Make That Ass Shake Feat. Thrill
6. In The Booth
7. Nikes On My Feet Feat. Idris
8. Heisman Feat. Miss Mandy
9. Cannon
10.Roll Somethin, Burn Somethin Ft. Tony Fresco
11. Wild Nigga Feat. Thrill
12. Far Away
13. Paper Chasin
14. In The Buildin Feat. Thrill
15. That Dro Feat. Thrill
16. The Race Feat. Idris
17. Own The Title Feat. Idris
18. Intruder Alert
19. Varsity Bitch Feat. Thrill
20. Stay Cheifin (Outro)
21. Swagn Bitch- Thrill (Bonus)

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